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Useful information

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Update for Area AGMS

A presentation begin made at 2021 AGMs by Trustees can be found here


Rob Cameron of Berkshire Weekend Walkers has produced a guide on how to deal with livestock on walks - it can be found here

Dogs on Walks

Well-behaved dogs are generally welcome on LVR walks.  However, please note that some of our walk leaders do have concerns and they have specified 'Registered Assistance Dogs only, please' in the walk description for the relevant date.  Please do not bring your dog on these walks, unless it is a Registered Assistance Dog (i.e. Guide Dog or similar), which will be welcome on all walks. However, even in these cases you may wish to check with the walk leader whether you will be walking in proximity to cattle, so you can make your own decision on whether the walk is suitable for you and your Registered Assistance Dog.

Dog owners are asked to observe the following:

  • Please keep your dog under close control at all times, and on a short leash when passing near farm animals, near traffic, or if you are unable to keep your animal at close quarters.
  • The walk leader is entitled to ask you to put your animal on a short leash at any time, and you are asked to comply with such a request without question.
  • Dog owners must ensure their dog does not alarm other people and they must clean up after their dog. We encourage walk leaders to remind dog owners of their responsibilities at the start of the walk.
  •  Dogs on walks do not affect Ramblers insurance cover in any way but incidents caused by dogs are not covered by the insurance policy. Therefore, it is important that dog owners are aware of this and, if necessary, have their own insurance cover.
  • If you are walking with a group and the presence of the dog causes you and the group to be threatened by cattle, in the interests of not only your own safety, but also that of the whole group and your dog, you are recommended to release the dog from its leash.  Your dog is likely to be agile and fast enough to escape, and it will divert attention from the group.  You can then recover the dog when you are out of harm's way.

Here we have provided links to:

It is recommended that you carry an In Case Of Emergency card in an outer pocket of your bag. This asks for (relevant) medical information and emergency contacct details. A link to a .pdf version can be found here

Information for Leaders:

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