Interesting Places

Interesting Places in Loddon Valley & Wokingham Borough

Arborfield Court

One of the old fine houses of Arborfield has views out over the country North towards Reading. Walkers can share these views from footpath Arborfield 17 which runs past the back of the house.

Arborfield Old Church and Mill

The old Arborfield village used to centre around the old Hall, Mill and Church on the River Loddon. The site of the mill is now a water pumping station but the old ruined Church can be seen on the left of footpath Arborfield 1 South of the river.
Barkham Church of St James
Footpath 9 passes through the Churchyard. The Church is located off Barkham Street near to the Barkham Bull PH. The present building dates back to 1860 and the Walters family of Bearwood. There is a photo of the Church it replaced on the same site inside. Nearby is moated Church Farm - reputedly one of the oldest buildings in the parish.

Barkham Manor

This old manor house is now fully developed with other modern houses within the walled site. Bridleway Barkham 2 runs up its Eastern boundary and another bridleway on the North side gives good views of its lakes. In winter the manor is best seen in its setting looking South from bridleway Barkham 6 in the Coombes.

Barkham Square

One of the other large old houses in Barkham at the end of Barkham Street. It has a direct footpath, Barkham 8, over the field to the Church - but take care crossing the road!

Devil's Highway

This old Roman road runs East to West through the southern part of the borough to terminate in the old Roman town of Silchester (Calleva Attrebatum). It can be followed in some places on metalled roads and byways. There is a noticeable gap West of West Court where the line crosses footpath Finchampstead 1.

Henley Old Town Hall

The original Town Hall was a Georgian building built in the early 19th century. It was demolished in 1900 and re-erected near Crazes Hill in Wargrave adjacent to footpaths Wargrave 24 and 28.

Lucas Hospital

This is the only Grade 1 Listed Building in the Wokingham area. It is, at present, a retirement home run by the Society of Drapers. But the Society is considering selling the place on account of the high running costs. Footpath Wokingham 25 passes close to this lovely old building.


Only the site of this other former grand house can now be seen looking North from Cole Lane byway Arborfield 9 near Ellis's Hill Farm.
West Court
This old rectory is one of 3 old 'Courts' in Finchampstead parish - North, East and West. The building is leased by the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers as its Officers' Mess. An old Roman road, the 'devil's highway runs on the line of a footpath - Finchampstead 28 through the site.