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New Wokingham Footpath Definitive map is now available. Click here to view map Read the press release here

We need your email address! Very occasionally we need to cancel or amend a walk at short notice, It has proved very useful for us to have an email distribution list for our members, so we can let you know of such changes. We may also on occasions let you have other information that could be helpful to you.
This is required even if you supplied an email address when you joined Ramblers, since no permission for us to use it was given then. We promise to keep your details confidential, and not to share them with anyone else. Add me to LVR distribution list. Thank you!

2022 AGM was held on 3rd November. Minutes can be found here

Safety Notice - Defibrillators Henley Area We have been advised that all defibrillators in the Henley area use the code C159 to open the box. The default position if you do not have this number to hand, or if you are in a different area, is to ring 999 and the operator will give you the code. You will have to give your location and, ideally, the post code.

Shinfield Gates Project See our brave Loddon Valley Ramblers volunteers carrying out the Shinfield Gates Project - no more stiles!! Just click here

Loddon Valley Ramblers Facebook page is now available for news of walks, week ends etc. Follow Loddon Valley Facebook to access it.

Corporate Membership of HF : David Moffett has organised corporate membership of HF for Loddon Valley Ramblers. That means that members who participate in HF holidays with the Group do not need to pay the non-members fee for that holiday.

New footpath problems reporting form There is a new form in the Berkshire Ramblers website which enables you to report a footpath problem directly online. Access their fault reporting form here. Your report will be transmitted directly to our Footpath secretary.

Lost Paths Project Before a January 2026 deadline, the Government has given an opportunity to resurrect historic paths that existed before 1949 but are no longer shown as a right of way on the definitive map. To avoid these foot paths being lost forever, Ramblers have set up a project called “Don’t Lose Your Way”. For the Berkshire Area, this project is being led by Heather Brown who is seeking Foot Path detectives to identify historic paths that are not currently on the definitive map in their own area. Anyone who volunteers will be able to attend a free course called “Right of Way: Restoring the Record”. If you are interested in becoming a lost paths researcher, please contact Heather Brown

Privacy Policy The Ramblers privacy policy can be found here