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2011 and after

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15th Anniversary Dinner



Frensham Pond

Val d'Aran (Spanish Pyrenees)

Mendip Hills


3 Castles Path

Littlewick Green

Wayfarers Walk








Isle of Wight

Lulworth Cove

St Bonnet





St Bonnet



Forest of Dean



Malvern Hills



Porlock 2004




Wayfarers Walk June 2009

Wayfarers Walk Jun 2009

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Swallowfield and Finchampstead April 2009

Swallowfield and Finch April 2009 back to top

Three Castles path to Eversley Church, Bramshill Plantation, Blackwater Valley path April 2009

3 Castles Apr 2009  back to top

Littlewick Green March 2009

Littlewick Green March 2009  back to top

Isle of Wight Weekend March 2008

Isle of Wight March 2008  back to top

Brecon Weekend October 2007

Brecon 2007  back to top

St Bonnet May 2007

St Bonnet May 2007 back to top

Porlock October 2004

Porlock Exmoor Oct 2004 back to top

Forest of Dean October 2006

Forest of Dean Oct 2006  back to top

Lulworth Cove October 2008

Lulworth Cove October 2008  back to top

Malvern Hills April 2005

Malvern Hills April 2005  back to top

Sidmouth October 2009

Sidmouth October 2009 back to top

St Bonnet May 2008

St Bonnet May 2008  back to top

LVR 15th Anniversary Dinner January 2010

15th Anniversary Dinner   back to top

Bellevaux May 2009

Bellevaux May 2009   back to top

Brecon October 2007

Brecon 2007  back to top

Cotswolds April 2007

Cotswolds 2007 back to top

Rye April 2009

Rye April 2009 back to top

Dartmeet May 2010

Dartmeet May 2010  back to top

Frensham Great Pond May 2010

Frensham Gt Pond May 2010

Val d'Aran, Spanish Pyrenees, September 2010

Val d'Aran Sept 2010


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Mendip Hills, October 2010

Mendip Hills Oct 2010


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Derbyshire April 2011

Derbyshire Apr 2011


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Malvern Hills 2005

Malvern Hills April 2005


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