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Three Castles Path

  • This booklet, first published in 1992, covers a footpath route through the Berkshire and Hampshire countryside from Windsor to Winchester.
  • It is based upon the 13th century journeys taken by King John at the time of Magna Carta.
  • Covers a total length of 60 miles which can be taken in easy stages
  • Illustrated in colour with historical notes
  • Also incorporates six short circular walks.

Points of interest include:

  • The Long Walk through Windsor
  • Englemore Pond and Swinley Park (Ascot)
  • The Lookout at Bracknell
  • Eversley Church - where Charles Kingsley, of Water Babies fame, was vicar
  • Odiham Castle
  • Greywell Tunnel - an official bat reserve!
  • Norman Church at Upper Wield
  • Winchester Castle and Cathedral