Loddon Valley Ramblers

We are your local Ramblers group, based in Wokingham, Berkshire.

Since its 1935 inauguration, the Ramblers has helped coax, campaign and path by path build, England, Scotland and Wales into some of the most walk-friendly countries in the world. It is at the heart of walking in Britain.

Come and walk with us!

Loddon Valley Ramblers help local people enjoy walking. We look after public rights of way and try to gain new ones. We organise a variety of regular walks that are led by experienced leaders.

Each Thursday morning and Sunday morning we offer a short walk of four to six miles, and on many Sundays there is the alternative of a long walk of eight to twelve miles. On occasions, these are strenuous, so, if that's a concern, it may be worth checking with our leader on the nature of the route. On Tuesdays, usually twice a month, we have a long walk of ten to fourteen miles. You can find the details of our walks programme by clicking the link above left. If there's anything you're not clear about, please call the leader.

There is no commitment when you first walk with us, but if after two or three times out with us, you would like to do more both with us and to support the campaigning work of the Ramblers nationally, then please join Ramblers, again click on the link in the left-hand navigation.

In addition to the regular walks programme, each year we offer two walking weekends based in hotels in different parts of the country and, usually, an overseas walking week holiday, as well as several social events.

This year, we are celebrating 20 years as a separate Rambler Group in Berkshire. On Friday 16th October , we will be walking the whole of the Wokingham Way, not individually, but in groups along single or double stages. The route is very varied, from the majesty of the broad Thames, where the path follows the river's course north of Reading, to ancient lanes and byways and open fields. Just follow the link on the left, to choose a section, and then click on the Flyer to plan transport for this linear walk. There is a Celebration Dinner in the evening, for members, at Cantley House Hotel.